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I spent three hours last night on the internet looking for your product! I was given a piece of it by our tile floor installer. He told me I could get it at Home Depot so I didn't think much more of it until a trip to Home Depot was a dismal failure. Needless to say I was quite relieved to find your web site.

I am madly in love with this product. My folks are going to buy it, my sister is going to buy it, I carry a little piece of it (all that is left of the original piece I got from the installer) and freely demonstrate it as I go in search of what it is and where to get more. This product makes tile floor/countertops/bath enclosures ownership less of a hassle to care for and keep up. The guys at Home Depot laughed at me about finding such a product as they have no knowledge of your product. I plan to make a trip over there with my new package and demonstrate it to their buyer and the guys in the kitchen design department. I think people should know about this!

Thank you for taking a minute to listen to the ramblings of an adoring fan. Have a great day!

Denise Hogate
Garden Grove, CA


Floor Care is Hot
By Wm R. Griffin, President
Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.
Copyright 2001 ã Wm R. Griffin, Seattle, WA 98111

New Floor Care Products that You Can Sell

- Non-Chemical Grout Cleaner
Discolored and dirty grout? It's no longer a clean up problem with the Grout Eraser. Environmentally safe, contains no chemicals, won't scratch grout, use wet or dry, restores grout to its original color quickly and easily. Effectively removes wax build up, algae, mildew, soap scum, rust, coffee and other organic stains from grout in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and other locations. For more information contact, The Stain Eraser, Ph-888-387-6111, <>


Ok-Where do I get more of these! We erased our grout on Saturday, the entire floor in the kitchen (2 1/2 hours) but WOW! It looks wonderful!

As I sat on the floor cleaning-I decided I needed to get one of those
erasers for my mom and sister! Then as we got to the end and had used ours up completely - I know I'll need to get another one. Tell me how much they are - if I can send you a check or credit card number or what - I don't think I can not have one of these in my house again - WOW! The floor looks brand new - much better than the other stuff I've fought with to get it clean! I'm sold! Thanks!

Kath, Phoenix AZ


I am using the R-Teez Tile Grout Cleaner on 25 yr old very dirty and stained 1/2 inch wide light colored grout with VERRRRY satisfactory results....

Thank you for your time and especially your product. I am a very satisfied customer. I have tried many harsh and varied cleaning chemicals without satisfactory results. I purchased your product thru a mail order catalogue. I have discovered a dealer here in the local area (so. central Idaho - Twin Falls), thru your web site, that I will use for future purchases (and I will need more of your product!).

V. J Heins


"I have used this on stubborn stains which could not be removed by other well known stain removers. The results were excellent..."

-R. Malcovitch, Canada


"The grout cleaner worked well. We recently moved here and I did not even realize the color of the original grout (white - not dark brown). I will go ahead and try to use the stain eraser on other stains like you suggest. The pool stains must be something that have permeated the plaster..."

- C. Joseph, Austin, Texas


"I have an antique white grout on my tile floor and in less than a years time it is now light brown. The story is I hate it. When my mother went to Central Cities Tile & Marble in Kissimmee, Florida, she was told by the store owner that your StainEraser R-Teez® would clean my grout. Let me assure you, I have tried everything except acid to clean the grout back to its original color. I was very scepticle when I saw your grout cleaner. I could not believe the results. I am still promoting it all to my friends. It was amazing and it really worked. I know have my beautiful antique white grout again.

I would like to thank you for this wonderful oversized eraser. I would also like to request a catalog of any other products you might be hiding from me."

Thank you.

S. Lewis, No. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I just wanted to tell you that I found the grout/tile eraser at Leslie's (Item #20178) right down the street from my house! My husband and I divided our kitchen floor into sections and finished "erasing" our tile grout on Monday!! It looks terrific and we are very happy with it!

Thanks again for creating a miracle product!

Melanie Burford, Gilbert, AZ


I just can't believe it! I purchased the grout cleaner at my local tile store in New York not sure if I would really like it. When I bought it, there were sample pieces on the counter -- so I got to test the grout cleaner, but I still didn't believe it would work on my house, on my grout!

Well -- I was wrong! I got home, took it out of the package and it was so easy! Just like the package states -- I simply "erased" the stains. And my grout, that I thought was brown, was really grey! Unbelievable!

And -- the best thing about it was I was no longer using chemicals! I didn't have to bring out the gloves and I didn't have to hold my breath. I was so excited, my kids thought it was a game, so they finished the kitchen floor for me!

Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Sandy K., Syracuse, New York


To whom it may concern;

First of all, I'll start out by saying, I would not normally write a company unless I have a complaint. The one other time I wrote a company, was when I was satisfied with their product way beyond the already high expectations I have. This is one of those few times. I live in S. Florida where tiled houses are abundant and recently tried your R-Teez® Tile Grout Cleaner. After many attempts to remove a stain I had on my living room tile floor, with many other grout cleaners, (some so toxic I had to wear special gloves and eye protection) finally, your product took out the stain! OK, so, just because it removed this stain, other products could not, is not enough for me to write. It was the quick, nontoxic, non-labor intensive way in which your product worked that did get me to write. I know I may sound a little over elated, but that stain was annoying. I was to the point where I thought of rearranging the area rug to hide it or staining the rest of the grout to match!

I thank you for having a product like the grout cleaner and wish
you and your company success.

Thanks Again,
William K., WPB, FL


Hi, I purchased your tile eraser through the P.N.E. this summer. I was sceptical because after all it was the P.N.E. I used it the minute I got home. It worked!!!! I finished the floor a few days later and sealed it. I am very pleased with the results and your product. I have always been bothered by the grout in that bathroom but no longer.Thank you.






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