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StainEraser Inc started in 1996. Our first product was the StainEraser™ which was developed to clean stains from your concrete & plaster swimming pool.


StainEraser™ evolved into our VinylEraser®. This product cleans stains from your above ground, vinyl-lined and fiberglass swimming pools.


Then came SpaEraser® and the Kalcium Killer®.
You can learn about these products and more by visiting www.staineraser.com & www.erase-it.com.


R-Teez® Tile Grout Cleaner was our "revelation". We were working on our other products and accidently stumbled on the fact that our StainEraser® cleaned grout. Incredible!!! We knew that in the original form, StainEraser would not be realistic so we changed our tooling and started producing R-Teez® in it's current form. Our packaging has come full circle - we started with plastic bags and staples.


Today, our products are displayed and sold in over 5000 retailers and distributors around the world.
Please visit our retailers page for our loctaions.

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